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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. it is the stuff of family tales of. wonderful migration and generations of. mind altering. is the stuff of mine. a stunning portrayal of. one woman's determination to save the community. russian six hundred. at this time to see the. protests in the kurdish enclave of syria which turkey says it's preparing to attack . now i'm back with sam are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up
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on the program a new treaty for a new iraq britain and france sign a new border agreement and pledge to uphold their historic ties after breakfast at the u.n. calls for yemen's main port to stay open for vital aid deliveries when saddam restrictions begin again on friday and up to ten years in the air how the world's largest aircraft has been saved and salacious. the u.s. state department has urged the turkey not to take military action against the kurdish controlled enclave inside syria there due to launch an operation in the town of three in the kurdish controlled district in the north of the country. we would call on certainly on the turks to not take any actions of that sort we want everyone there to keep their eye on go back to something i said we were talking
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about iraq in the referendum to keep their eye on the ball and the focus needs to be on isis so we don't want them to gauge and violence but we want them to keep focused on isis. well turkey is not threatening the main area controlled by the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces in the north east of the country but it has said it will attack the clave around the city of a free well a frame is held by kurdish why fighters who dominates the syrian democratic forces russia also has forces in the area and turkey is actively seeking support in its planned offensive seventy dekker reports from an taqiyya on the turkish side of the border where turkish tanks have been massing this week. the turkish army is steadily increasing its presence along this stretch of the syrian border present one has been threatening to attack the kurdish run area baffling for almost a week now there has been sporadic shelling. inside after the thousands marched on
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thursday in protest to turkey's aggression. the most is the goal of this large demonstration is to send a message to the world and especially to turkey concerning the turkish threats we will not be afraid of you know that we came here to protest the attacks on offering and we will stand by a free and our troops. is one of three autonomy kurdish enclaves controlled by the syrian kurdish p y d party and its armed when the y p g turkey sees the y.p. g. is an offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which it together with the us in europe consider a terrorist organization but the white b.g. has been working with the us to push ice a lot of syria not enough dream but further east of the euphrates river the americans have never had a presence enough. but the russians do and after he has been relatively peaceful throughout this war and it hosts tens of thousands of internally displaced syrians it will let you know after him has been there for quite a long time and has never through like you know was it
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a serious shortage of threats or turkey but there are going to probably need is this kind of nationalistic. you know potentially use its military in order to be able to gain more. with the upcoming elections in interview so i think that comes the doctor cannot be. you know set aside when it comes to the attention of tertian and into extreme tensions have been stoked further in recent days by the u.s. announcement of a so-called border force which will be based east of the euphrates along the border with turkey and iraq and the white b.g. will form its back not to the united states and he supports a terrorist organization that threatens to tear down this be acceptable it is unacceptable and inexplicably but u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says it's not a border force the u.s. role has been misplaced trade and turkey is owed an explanation he says the build
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up is aimed at countering the resurgence of eisel will be internally focused and is important for the stability of syria however that's not what others involved in syria's war think ankara teheran moscow and damascus have all voiced their opposition to the force once again it highlights the complicated nature of syria's war isis been pushed out of most of the territory that it once held and so the battlefield is becoming perhaps even more complicated with each side trying to carve out its fear of influence and it seems the syrians are the ones that hold the least sway of all stephanie decker al-jazeera and talking. the un is calling for the yemeni port of her day that to remain open beyond friday to allow the delivery of lifesaving goods to continue on tuesday the saudi led coalition authorized the ports opening and the use of four u.s. funded cranes to help offload the eight a day that handles about seventy percent of yemen's imports but damage from
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a two thousand and fifteen air strike and the blockade by the saudi led military alliance has severely restricted access more than eight million yemenis are on the brink of famine and the country is suffering outbreaks of cholera and syria yeah fully in the is the deputy regional director for the international committee of the red cross in yemen he said the aid is critical to prevent famine the yemeni population is dependent on aid. its ninety percent of the needs of the yemeni people are sustained for imports and as such. the restrictions on imports prevent the. flow of commercial goods and humanitarian aid from reaching the yemeni population so that is were things should be moving on lessening those resources we need more we need less restrictions on imports fuel is key and central for the survival of the population in yemen fuel is essential for the running most hospitals in a system that is faltering all the forty five percent of house facilities are
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functioning today but fuel is also important for water water pumping stations depend on fuel. sewage treatment plants depend on fuel vehicles that collect the garbage depend on fuel and all of this creates a vicious circle were the population being weakened after years of exhausting their resources and not having any more the capacity to sustain will only have more to be damaged like diphtheria coming back to them if these conditions are not treated immediately. but is prime minister terrorism a in french president a man when the crown has pledged to maintain their nation's close relationship and cooperate on security issues the spy the u.k.'s upcoming exit from the european union france will also get more funding from london to help the over the number of people gathering in ports like cali to try to reach the u.k. john hall has more now from sandhurst military academy where the two the met.
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we're better to talk defense and security cooperation than britain's world famous sandhurst military academy the british army may not be the global force it once was but france and britain are still the main e.u. military power is just one of many things in common that these two leaders say they are keen to preserve post breaks it while this summit takes place is the u.k. prepares to leave the e.u. we are and will remain steadfast partner to our friends and allies and a strong and deep relationship between the united kingdom and france remains in both our interests. the president and i agree on the importance of the u.k. france relationship not just to our security but to european security they also share a border on the french side including the sometimes troubled port of kalai and a border agreement that emanuel initially had said he wanted to tear up instead
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britain will pay tens of millions of dollars more towards reinforcing it and helping france deal with the burden of migrants and refugees trying to reach britain it is mr mack rahm's nod in the direction of common interests and continued close future ties to the condition there are two things that cannot be changed our history and our geography these cannot be impacted by changes in the institution or office we are facing common challenges and we share the same destiny. the two sides also promised to help each other in their foreign military operations british helicopters to help france's fight against eisel and al-qaeda in north africa french assistance in securing the e.u. use eastern borders with russia but the real focus of attention here is as much defense as it is diplomacy it is the u.k. government trying to forge a close future relationship with france inside the e.u.
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when britain is out. as bricks of negotiations enter their most difficult stage trade talks there may well be more of this sort of treatment of e.u. leaders britain trying to maintain influence while it still can and relevance when it's all over. al-jazeera at sandhurst. let's go to the united states now where stopgap legislation to keep the government operating beyond friday has managed to get through a procedural hurdle in the house of representatives the u.s. is lower house approved the rules for debating the bill that would fund the federal agencies through to the middle of next month that the measure still has to be approved by the house in the senate before it can be signed into law by president donald trump where both the democrats and republicans are accusing one another of creating this fiscal showdown to advance issues important to their parties with
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potentially grave consequences embody health care reports. and carlos rove was brought to the united states from venezuela illegally by his parents at the age of two his university educated and now lives in chicago but is spending his vacation in washington to plead his case before lawmakers now we're all here to support the dream act senator wanted to check in with you about your support for the dream act growing needs congressional support to pass a law so he can stay in the united states legally under a program called daca i don't see anything it's fair that they're playing politics with our lives i mean it's really problematic and the fact that you know we are you know we are real people we are support you know we are contributors economy like my employers you know our employers are concerned about the political what's politically at stake duggar recipients like rola have become central in the debate over funding that could shut down the u.s. government at midnight friday within required twenty eighteen government funding
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legislation democrats are demanding protections for doctor recipients they also want money for health insurance for low income children republicans are demanding money for president trump's border wall along the southern border with mexico to stop illegal immigration they also want funding to rebuild the u.s. military if for any reason it shuts down the worst thing is what happens to our military but democrats say dr recipients are the real victims in this battle if protections aren't put in place. some protesting in the u.s. congress were even arrested for advocating on behalf of illegal immigrants without status it's possible a short term funding deal could keep the government open allowing time for bigger issues to be addressed the last time there was a government shutdown was nearly five years ago and it could happen again if democrats and republicans are able to overcome their differences. kimberly how good
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al-jazeera washington. for president trump says his plan to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico has a quote never changed or evolved now he said this contradicting comments made earlier by his own chief of staff on wednesday john kelly told hispanic lawmakers that some of trump's immigration visa during the campaign where quote uninformed but in an apparent rebuke of kelly trumped tweeted that the wall is the wall and it will be paid for by mexico john holeman has more now from the mexico u.s. border. this thursday saw another tussle between donald trump and the mexican government the u.s. president claimed via twitter that this country is the most dangerous in the world that such be not true and that only his proposed rule could stop the flow of drugs across the border between the two countries that claims are actually very interesting particularly since that the published report in two thousand and
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fifteen saying that the cartels move most of their drugs through ports of entry like the one that you can see behind us between on this side and sun diego in the united states the mexican government along with rebutting president trump's claims also he said that this was a shared problem that it's not just about mexican supply it's also about overwhelming u.s. demand when it comes to drugs they said as well that they're not going to negotiate over social media this of course is part of a wider picture of negotiations between president trump republicans and democrats over government funding and also about migration issues particularly about the dreamers young people that were brought to the united states as children illegally but have been allowed to stay and allowed to work their future at the moment very much hangs in the balance but mexico at this moment is really the unwitting food in
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those negotiations and it doesn't like it. plenty more still to come including the deadly storm that's sweeping across northern europe leaving mass destruction. plus how the pope came to the aid of an unfortunate mounted police spent on the final day of his visit to change. how i was still got some very heavy showers downpours across northern parts of a stretch just around the top and well looking a little life we have for the south it's a good deal quiet washing off of that big area of high pressure to still be producing some of the high temperatures for adelaide and for melbourne five bands remain in force here we will see the temperatures easing as we go on into the weekend i'm sure that's good news for the fans in plaza like for the tennis in
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melbourne twenty eight celsius on sas they often need and some of the value there for townsville still seeing those heavy showers around the top and further of towards the west swell woman off the final drive for perth around thirty two celsius was the safaga dry by the making its way back across new zealand over the stile so still a little bit of cloud in the process of pulling away from the north island as we go through friday also wanted to show was there at all clear that around twenty four celsius that go on as we go on it's a sassed isis has titles like a lovely day a five week head is still in christchurch could well touch twenty eight celsius with that northerly wind coming in front to try to across the good parts of japan as we go on through friday but we have got some wet weather some wintry weather easing towards in the process we go through a kata seeing some snow with some right for northern pos of honshu. asia's largest catholic countries would be seen
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a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. when it when used investigates why so many filipino children are being beat. at this time on al-jazeera. every. reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. state department has urged turkey not to take military action against a kurdish controlled unclaimed inside syria the united nations is calling for the
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yemeni port of the day that remain open beyond friday to continue the delivery of lifesaving goods and u.k. prime minister to resign may and french president in monday when mccraw have pledged to maintain their nations' close relationship and cooperate on security issues despite the u.k.'s upcoming exit from the european. israeli forces have killed a palestinian man and injured others during a raid in the occupied west bank the army says it was searching for a man who killed a rabbi a week ago and one hundred points from near the city of jenin. this is all that's left after the israeli raid that began on wednesday night three homes have been demolished it's unclear who shot first but a palestinian man is dead and two israeli special forces soldiers are injured another palestinian man remains missing his mother explains what happened was that of a round eleven pm we heard heavy shooting i couldn't tell where but it was close by
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some meat isn't wanted by anyone he lives a normal life he came home an hour before the race and then left the house telling me to wake him up early when he got back because he had work the israeli army said the palestinian killed was linked to the shooting of a rabbi from an illegal settlement on january ninth the palestinian health ministry confirmed his identity thirty one year old. it's unclear whether he was the main suspect in the raid his mother is too distraught to talk to the media his brother voiced the family's anger at having their home destroyed but. this is the israeli policy is savage an aggressive policy a policy of terrorism i think they can terrorize us i think they are mistaken palestinians in the occupied west bank are subject to israeli military law which allows homes to be demolished as punishment. very angry that a man has been killed and houses demolished and they say the israeli army hasn't given any kind of evidence or even jew process now the israeli army says the
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operation is over for now but if it's all on going to find the suspects involved in the killing of the israeli settler rabbi on january the lines. west of jenin. israel's embassy in jordan is open again after five months following an apology from the israelis for last july's shooting incident that resulted in its closure to jordanian citizens were killed by an israeli security guard who was allowed to return home under diplomatic immunity jordanian state media says they've reached an agreement over the incident and the embassy will resume full operations a fire on a bus in kazakstan has killed fifty two passengers only five people managed to escape from the vehicle when it caught light the victims were all migrant workers from neighboring uzbekistan the bus was traveling in a remote region on the main road between his backus town and russia there's no indication yet about what caused the blaze with police launching an investigation.
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gunmen in pakistan have killed the two women working on a polio eradication campaign in the southwestern city of cueto sakina bibi and her twenty year old daughter elisa were giving were giving immunization drops to children when two gunmen on a motorcycle shot of them this week but most of dr against polio across the. and leading zimbabwe opposition politician has died in a helicopter crash in the united states police in the state of new mexico have confirmed that roy bennett is one of five people killed in the crash in a remote mountain area it's not known why the sixty year old was in the united states but it was the treasurer general of the m.d.c. tea party and a strong critic of former president robert mugabe. pope francis has landed in peru on the second leg of a south american tour the head of the catholic church was received by president pedal problem. eighty one year old pope is going on friday to peruse amazon region to visit communities damaged by illegal gold mining he will deliver
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a speech focusing on protecting the environment well earlier pope francis was in chile where he urged people to be kinder to migrants and offended a chilean bishop accused of covering up a sex abuse scandal last america editor to senior. pope francis ended his most problematic tour of a catholic country in chile's northern desert city of a geek it where the theme was immigration he chose it because it is home to a huge number of immigrants especially for the neighbor and the libya. there he said there is no christian joy if the doors are closed to migrants if they are made to feel unwelcome a message directed far beyond chile's borders especially this week when the issue of building walls keep migrants out is again making headlines in the united states . this is the difficulty of the pope overshadowed by displays of anger over clerical sex abuse at almost every public appearance even after the pope had asked
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for forgiveness for the damage done to children by members of the catholic church after days of protests even by priests a clearly angry pope finally explained his controversial support for a bishop accused of covering up sex abuses if you are thinking of. proof against bishop by ross then i will speak there is not one bit of proof against him all of it is slander it's not clear. to reshoot but it was also clear is that it is not church controversy and strife torn to mugu he called on to lead to and centuries of injustices against the indigenous people warning radical my pussy groups to abandon violence or risk destroying their just cause. shortly before leaving chile of course through a police officer almost and top of his popemobile the pope got off and rushed to see if the officer was hurt how much the pope's four day trip will really
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contribute to restoring lost faith in the catholic church here in chile is very hard to measure so soon from here the pope goes to neighboring peru for the second and last leg of his south american journey. well the pope also found time to officiate the first ever airborne wedding on board a plane he spontaneously married the two flight attendants from chile is an airline the couple tied the knot in a civil service and twenty head but their religious ceremony was canceled because their church was badly damaged by a massive earthquake. the pope married us the pope married us he took my hand and said if you want to marry then are. a deadly storm a cold a frederica's sweeping across western europe at least six people have been killed in belgium the netherlands and germany as gale force winds knocked down trees and left tens of thousands without power catherine stansell has more. the storm
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pummeled western europe with hurricane like force here the wind ripped a roof off of a building in the netherlands and peels off the side of a house with severe weather alerts were issued in the netherlands as gale force winds reached one hundred forty kilometers an hour people were urged to stay home for their own safety. those who did venture outdoors were struggling to keep their feet on the ground but it didn't deter this daredevil who saw the high winds as an opportunity to go for the ultimate kite surfing experience the storm is causing travel chaos hundreds of flights were grounded and in germany all long distance rail services were suspended. trees will fall onto the overhead wires and there's a danger that trees will block lutes we know from past experience with extreme weather conditions that it's better to keep the trains in so many stations where we can but to take care of passengers in between stations power outages hits tens of
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thousands of people in germany belgium and another lens and roads were blocked by fallen trees and debris high winds and heavy snow also hit parts of the u.k. scotland is dealing with power outages and dangerously icy roads but the storm isn't losing strength it's moving across the continent with eastern europe in its sights happenstance all al-jazeera. well the average temperature on earth last year was hot enough to put two thousand and seventeen among the three warmest years on record the u.s. government space and atmospheric agencies have published that our new global temperature report showing a continuing trend of long term warming temperatures he truly safe from the oceans rain have also played a role in boosting the buildings in recent years in the zone the has more. you've probably heard that planet earth is getting hotter maybe where you live you've seen warmer weather or seen some of fx of climate change it is true weather patterns
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change year to year some years hotter some years colder than others but the long term trends appear clear planet earth is getting warmer. two of the leading climate and scientific agencies in the world have released new data nasa says last year was the second warmest on record after two thousand and sixteen in a different analysis of weather trends the national oceanic and atmospheric administration or noah as it's called concluded the past three years were the warmest sense eight hundred eighty one record keeping began scientists say this is leading to climate change and they point to the arctic which is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet and melting sea ice in other parts of the world it's causing coastal flooding as well but behind the statistics are people being affected there are estimates that say millions of people are climate refugees
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forcibly displaced by sudden weather related hazards the international community has felt pressure to ask their doctors the two thousand and sixteen paris climate accord and to tackle global temperatures but one of the world's biggest polluters remains and committed us president donald trump withdrew the united states from the deal saying it was bad for the country's economy without the u.s. other countries will be hard pressed to meet the targets outlined in the accord but is the latest data shows earth continues to heat up and dealing with it is now more important than ever. authorities in turkey have removed an airliner from the shore of the black sea after it skidded off a runway a tribe's on the airport on saturday a large crane was used to lift the pegasus airlines boeing seven three seven from the cliff edge all passengers and crew survived the accident turkish media say the pilots are blaming a sudden surge of speed from the planes of right hand engine which then forced that
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to swerve to the left speaking of airplanes a new airbus order from emirates has come to the rescue of the world's largest passenger aircraft aircraft whose future was hanging in the balance the dubai based airline has ordered twenty airbus a three eighty s. with the option to buy sixteen more emirates is the biggest customer for the super jumbo with one hundred one in service already and forty one more on order the plane has been in service since two thousand and seven but this is its first new order in more than three years the deal was up to sixteen billion dollars provides a lifeline for the european aircraft maker which had warned it would have to stop production of the a three eighty if the sale fell through well the head of aviation at the university of west london padrĂ³n says there are several reasons why the a three eighty hasn't been a successful as rivals like boeing's seven eight seven dreamliner. for the airlines it's fairly difficult to fill an aircraft five hundred to six hundred capacity
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it's also a fairly large aircraft and so many airports around the world simply don't have the infrastructure with the ability to handle such a large aircraft i mean even heathrow airport for example has special restrictions but it is quite an expensive project and it's estimated to cost of us about twenty five billion u.s. dollars and that's you know research development costs production costs etc and that money back requires a fairly large and substantial number of orders and you can find much more on our website there it is the address al-jazeera don't call me and you can see there some of our main stories including the tensions in syria. that's take a look at the main stories making the news on al-jazeera the u.s. has urged turkey not to go ahead with their plans for
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a military offensive in syria and the turks are due to launch an operation in the three a kurdish controlled district in the north of the country military vehicles have already gathered on the border near a free which is held by kurdish y p g fighters turkey considers terrorists we would call on certainly on the turks to not take any actions of that sort we want everyone there to keep their eye i'll go back to something i said we were talking about iraq in the referendum to keep their eye on the ball and the focus needs to be on isis so we don't want them to gauge violence but we want them to keep focused on isis the united nations is calling for the yemeni twelve a day that to remain open beyond friday to continue the delivery of lifesaving goods on tuesday the saudi led coalition also rise the ports opening and use of for u.s. funded cranes to help offload the aid over eight million yemenis on the brink of france. u.k. prime minister to resign may and the french president have pledged to maintain
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their nation's close relationship and cooperate on security issues this fight the u.k.'s upcoming exit from the european union a crown is in the u.k. for talks with the british leader. in the united states stopgap legislation to keep the government operating beyond friday has managed to get through a procedural hurdle in the house of representatives the u.s. is lower house approved the rules for debating the bill that would fund federal agencies through the middle of next month's. israeli forces have killed the palestinian man and the injured others during a raid in the town of jeannine in the occupied west bank israeli police were searching for the killer of a rabbi who was shot dead a week ago u.s. president donald trump has reiterated his plan to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico directly contradicting comments made by his chief of staff on wednesday john kelly said some of trump's immigration views during the campaign were uninformed the president's and he said the president's views had evolved.
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well that is it for now from here in london stay with us for one on one east with an investigation into teenage pregnancy america's controversial president continues to polarize opinions. do solemnly swear talking one year since he was sworn into office al-jazeera brings you a special program about the impact president trump has had at home and around the globe trump's first year on al-jazeera. in the philippines biggest maternity hospital. every few minutes and often the new mothers are just children. with the legal age of consent.


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